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Software Flexibility for Inflexible Applications

NYU chose Zignage to build a flexible software solution that manages the needs and demands of students, faculty, and the administration. Zignage provides flexibility so that the answers to our clients’ issues are not constrained by product specs, designs, or rigid production timelines.

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Reliability in an Unreliable Economy

For the world’s largest and most liquid stock exchange, five minutes of server downtime could mean hundreds of millions in lost trades. This particular trading floor looked to Zignage to design a reliable system that can accurately display market information in nanoseconds without failure, then seamlessly transition to a full multi-display digital signage system to support after hours events.

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Scalability a Level Above the Competition

When a 50 year old company and industry leading manufacturer of digital menu boards decides to transition from static to digital, they look for concrete hardware and software solutions that can withstand the tests of a hot kitchen and round-the-clock service. A fast-casual restaurant chain needs to make changes to their menus and add specials on-the-fly. Our software accommodates those changes and allows our client to rapidly add new digital menu boards to their network.

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