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Digital signage offers hospitality businesses fresh ways to achieve marketing goals while enhancing the hotel experience. Successful use of digital signage can be seen as a fully-embraced technology in restaurants, hotels, casinos and resorts around the world.

Today, the majority of hotel brands and boutique hotels use digital signage to assists guests with concierge services while providing information about nearby businesses. Content can be instantly pushed to digital signs from remote corporate headquarters or independently from each respective hotel office.

Both in-room and out-of-room kiosks allow guests to make restaurant reservations, receive way-finding directions, and find schedules for their conferences. In-room digital signage products can also facilitate uplift advertising for hotel amenities like room service, spas, and fitness centers. Resort restaurants now have the ability to display menus and provide interactive reservations for hotel dining as well as other resort events and amenities.

The choices for hospitality digital signage products are growing in parallel with the hospitality industry. Given the growth of the hospitality industry in size, client diversity and global reach, real-time information will become increasingly more important. At the same time, such demands can overwhelm the human resources of a property and strain the capabilities of existing communications devices and installations. The flexible and scalable nature of digital signage, fueled by technological advances, addresses the demands and needs of the hospitality business as the essential amenity.

Uplift advertising, user management, and content distribution are standards in digital signage vertical markets. Reliable, scalable and flexible software customization is our standard. Contact one of Zignage’s digital signage industry experts to discuss building a customized solution for your hospitality clients.

Features and Benefits
  • Emergency notifications
  • Campus safety communications
  • Wayfinding and detailed maps
  • School event announcements
  • Campus news and Television
  • National news and live internet feeds
  • Promote campus services and businesses
Common Installations
  • Building lobbies
  • Outdoor campus commons
  • Campus restaurants and cafes
  • Students associations
  • Conference centers
  • Stadiums and arenas