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The automotive industry’s diverse businesses and evolving consumer needs call for a unique digital signage systems that can inform and engage customers. Today, accessible automotive information on the Web has bred more informed shoppers who demand unique and personalized sales experiences. Service centers now need integrated digital signage systems that juggle national advertisements, entertain waiting customers or deliver specialized training to mechanics and service personnel.

Digital signage is uniquely positioned to deliver a tailored brand experience with real-time information and knowledge at a customer’s point of decision. Advertising can be triggered based on key captured information or data metrics. For example, when a customer comes in from the rain, a suggested special promotion on windshield wipers can be dynamically triggered on the display.

Our digital signage solutions help automotive venues reduce perceived wait time by displaying stock prices, sports scores and live television programming. Digital signage can help build customers’ trust by delivering high-impact educational experiences that enhances their perception of customer service.

Entertaining, educational and measurable customer engagements are standards in digital signage vertical markets. Cost effective and reliable systems with flexible software customization is our standard. Contact one of Zignage’s digitial signage industry experts to discuss building a customized solution for your education clients.

Features and Benefits
  • Custom product and brand videos
  • Vehicle upgrades and services
  • Service ticketing
  • Live television programming
  • Feature sales staff members
  • Seasonal product promotions
  • Local and national advertising
Common Installations
  • Waiting rooms
  • Service counters
  • Automotive showrooms
  • Foyer and entry ways