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Digital Signage in education is a market with deep roots. Relevent information is critical in university settings, sharing and accessing that information is becoming essential. Students and faculty are overloaded with campus news, class schedules and meetings. College campuses require accessible systems to deliver time-sensitive information at a moment’s notice.

Emergency services are a necessity for modern-day college campuses, providing tightly integrated communications that instantly link campus safety offices to the student body. Digital Signage in education also delivers campus-wide information including, but not limited to, upcoming events, campus news, school closings and advertised campus services. Content can be distributed from our web-based digital signage software and updated by faculty, professors or students from any remote location.

Even within the same educational institution, providing crowd-sourced content can be difficult control and maintain. Our software provides a roll-based approval and permission features to help campus administrators quickly approve new content and distribute that content to any or all campus digital signage displays.

Emergency services, user management and content distribution are standards in digital signage vertical markets. Cost effective stable systems and flexible software customization is our standard.¬†Contact one of Zignage’s digital signage industry experts to discuss building a customized solution for your education clients.

Features and Benefits
  • Emergency notifications
  • Campus safety communications
  • Wayfinding and detailed maps
  • School event announcements
  • Campus news and Television
  • National news and live internet feeds
  • Promote campus services and businesses
Common Installations
  • Building lobbies
  • Outdoor campus commons
  • Campus restaurants and cafes
  • Students associations
  • Conference centers
  • Stadiums and arenas