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Digital signage healthcare networks have a key advantage–exceptional dwell time. Traditional venues have only moments to convince the audience of key messages due to a transient dwell time of 1 to 3 minutes. However, healthcare venues have a captive audience that spend an average of 6 to 10 minutes.

Hospitals, clinics, elder care facilities and doctors’ offices educate, assist or entertain patients and visitors while reducing perceived wait times. While waiting for their appointments, patients can view instructional content which will help them communicate with their physicians during the visit. In doctors’ offices, digital signage can serve as an important PR tool spotlighting an organization’s achievements allowing new patients to get to know the staff or to promote products and services.

Our healthcare digital signage solution is a proven, natural fit for the industry and organizations that are looking to improve communications within their communities or throughout their professional offices. Zignage’s solution is centrally managed at the healthcare facilities or can be and remotely managed, allowing for equally rapid distribution of timely messages to patients, staff and visitors.

Managing content, educating patients and informing visitors are standards in digital signage vertical markets. Cost effective, stable systems and flexible software customization is our standard. Contact one of Zignage’s digital signage industry experts to discuss building a customized solution for your healthcare clients.

Features and Benefits
  • Facility mapping
  • Patient information
  • Promote physicians
  • Health messaging
  • Healthcare ads and promotions
  • National news and live internet feeds
Common Installations
  • Emergency rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Building lobbies
  • Check-in and registration areas
  • Elevator banks