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Digital signage in train stations, bus terminals and airports is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Walk into any station, terminal or airport, and you’ll see check-in kiosks and arrival/departure schedules that allow travelers to quickly find schedules and make changes.

Advanced digital signage systems with reliable emergency services have never been more critical to the transportation market. These systems not only inform and alert travelers, but also entertain them with live television feeds during long dwell times. The digital signage installations that display travel information also provide opportunities to advertise sophisticated dining and shopping experiences in major international airports terminals.

The mission-critical foundation of our software suite is built on our experience managing data feeds and integrating existing database systems. This experience allows Zignage to reliably deliver real-time information to transportation venues.

Providing the latest information, entertainment and emergency services are standards in digital signage vertical markets. Cost effective, stable systems and flexible software customization is our standard. Contact one of Zignage’s digital signage industry experts to discuss building a customized solution for your transportation clients.

Features and Benefits
  • Wayfinding and detailed maps
  • Flight, bus and train schedule information
  • Emergency services and messaging
  • National news and live Internet feeds
  • National advertising
Common Installations
  • Airport terminals
  • Train and bus stations
  • On-premise businesses