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    See why New York University chose Zignage to lead their classrooms into the future

    By Administrator on July 10, 2011

    In an ever-changing world of evolving consumer tastes, dynamic market forces and shifting competitive landscapes, Zignage provides flexibility so that the answers to our clients’ issues are not constrained by product specs, designs, or rigid production timelines.

    When New York University decided to upgrade the existing school buildings into modern day classrooms, they faced the inflexible milestones of academic calendars. NYU conducted a digital signage software comparison and ultimately chose the flexibility of Zignage software solutions. Zignage built a software solution that manages the needs and demands of students, faculty, and the administration.

    For NYU and other clients who must address constant changes and uncertainty, Zignage’s rapid prototyping enables flexibility on multiple levels throughout the lifecycle of the software solution development which allows for an accelerated time to market.

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Our ability to deliver flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions helps our clients and partners focus on their core value drivers in a worry and hassle-free way. We accomplishes this by building partnership with our clients while providing innovative solutions powered by state-of-the-art technology.

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