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    Zignage delivers a total cost of ownership that is typically ⅓ the cost of our competitors

    By Administrator on July 8, 2011

    Scalability to the key to making a smart digital signage software comparison. To deliver cost-effective results businesses establishing a digital signage network should consider focusing on total cost of ownership. As companies grow and mature, they should be partnered with a digital signage software provider that focus on scalability.

    When a 50 year old company and industry leading manufacturer of digital menu boards decides to transition from static to digital, they look for concrete software solutions that allow superior benefits and hardware that can withstand the tests of a hot kitchen and round-the-clock service. A fast-casual restaurant chain needs to make changes to their menus and add specials on-the-fly. Our software solution accommodates those changes and allows our client to rapidly add new digital menu boards to their network just as quickly.

    Our client sought to use the additional cost savings in a crowded marketplace as a competitive advantage against newer entrants. This level of scalability is possible because Zignage delivers a total cost of ownership that is typically ⅓ the cost of our competing products and is backed by a business model which provides a software as service (SaaS) model or self-hosted model.

    Zignage continues to support our client in developing industry leading digital menuboards and kiosks software and solutions.

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Our ability to deliver flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions helps our clients and partners focus on their core value drivers in a worry and hassle-free way. We accomplishes this by building partnership with our clients while providing innovative solutions powered by state-of-the-art technology.

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