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Software Training

Most digital signage software solutions require days of training, which can take valuable time away from our clients’ teams. To address this, Zignage created a browser-based software suite that is user-friendly and intuitive. Just 30 minutes with Zignage’s digital signage software training Webinar will be enough to guide anyone to create and deploy content to digital signage displays in minutes. In-depth demonstrations and training sessions for Advanced Network Management and Advanced Campaign Creation are also available upon request.

Our complimentary 30-minute training session will cover the following topics:

  • Upload content and add it to displays
  • Work with templates, build layouts and edit existing layouts
  • Use interactive features and create simple touch-based layouts
  • Set up authorized user groups and grant role-based permissions
  • Monitor digital signage networks’ health and proof-of-play
  • Schedule and script content
About Zignage

Our ability to deliver flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions helps our clients and partners focus on their core value drivers in a worry and hassle-free way. We accomplishes this by building partnership with our clients while providing innovative solutions powered by state-of-the-art technology.