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Network Assessment

Digital signage network assessment is an integral step to building a digital signage network. Each one of our clients has unique networking requirements. There are many details to factor in when assessing a series of venues or even a single venue. One may have wired or wireless connections, satellite or landline, constant or intermittent connections. A network may be shared by a number of other devices, including POS machines and PCs, which may interfere or take precedence. In addition, the client may have several localized signs, or signs spread across a wide area.

Zignage can assess all of these factors and provide a solution that balances affordability, network sharing, and bandwidth utilization in a way that best suits our client’s needs.

About Zignage

Our ability to deliver flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions helps our clients and partners focus on their core value drivers in a worry and hassle-free way. We accomplishes this by building partnership with our clients while providing innovative solutions powered by state-of-the-art technology.